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Easy Steps for Glue in Hair Weave

Step 1. This customer has been prepared for a hair weave by washing the hair, combing the hair to the back and drying under a hair dryer so that the hair is flat and ready for a hair weave.

Step 2. We measure the weave in hair across the head and cut the weave hair's weft to the size that is appropriate.

Step 3. We place a small amount of hair weave glue on the weft of the weave hair and then attach the weave hair to the customer's hair.

Step 4. We curl and style the weave hair.

You can see that the weave hair creates a gloriously stylish effect.

Once styled, the weave hair can be worn in many different ways.


Anonymous said...

I really just have a simple question... Say I wanted a full head of weave due to the fact that my hair is very short, How do I go about doing that without the last track showing? I could honestly use a picture i am the visual type of learner!!! And I am not to keen on wigs.

Anonymous said...

this site is wonderful this style you have shown is a must have but not to sure i would glue it to my own hair. none the less love the style

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Anonymous said...

Just wear a big head band around it

Anonymous said...

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Transcend said...

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Octavio Johnson said...

This hair weave looks so cool though I haven't tried it.