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Can Long, Strong Hair be Yours?

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The goal of having long, strong hair can be achieved. There are a number of treatments and regimes that can help your hair to get there, however there is one very important aspect that must be taken into account in order to make success more attainable. What is it, you ask? Loving the hair you were born with! With the number of "tortures" many of us have subjected our hair to, it's a miracle that we have any hair left at all. With the dominance of weaving techniques in the beauty industry, neglecting our God-given hair has become commonplace for many. We've talked to many sisters that have literally hidden their hair away under a weave or wig for so long, and feel the damage to their natural hair is so severe that they have just given up on it and sworn allegiance to hair weaves for life. But it doesn't necessarily have to go down like that.

We love weave styles and the creativity they afford. However, what's going on under it all is important. Here at the Hair Weave Blogspot we like to support safe weaving techniques and healthy hair-care regimes that benefit your natural hair. You are beautiful, and your hair deserves to be so as well, whether you weave it or not. If you want added length today, go for it...add a few tracks. Just remember to go the extra mile with your hair-care regime to keep your natural hair healthy.

Start by loving your hair. Even if it is damaged, you can improve its condition. All it takes are the right products, consistency, and patience.

nurture your real hair with regular shampoos infused with conditioning treatments. The way you
handle your hair when it's wet is crucial, it's in its weakest state. Make sure to massage your hair carefully ing. Check your fingernails and make sure that they are filed smoothly so that they don't snag your hair each and every time you shampoo. While shampooing, think about some of the common ways to expose your "so fresh and so clean" hair to on the regular.

Will you be blasting it How dryer? How about straightening and smoothing it with a flat iron? Or are you going for worlds hottest curling iron? Before any of it, prep the hair with a conditioning treatment, which will help to save the hair and counter the negative effects of heating appliances.

To keep your long style healthy ask your stylist about deep conditioners.

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