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Long & Strong Hair

Having long and strong hair is an achievable goal.

There are many different regimes and processes that you can undertake in order to achieve this goal. But, one regime is most important...loving the hair that God gave you. Whether you have a partial hair weave, hair extensions or a lacefront wig, one must take care of one's own hair, also. Be careful not to damage your hair. Let it breathe sometimes. Get frequent hair shampoos and massages. Better yet! Massage your own scalp while sitting in traffic or watching TV.

Perhaps most importantly to having long & strong hair is eating right and exercising. Besides feeling good, exercising helps increase the blood circulation to the scalp.

Don't forget to condition your hair! We always lotion our skin after a shower, right? Well, why would we forget to "lotion" our scalps after washing our hair? We shouldn't. Conditioning your hair is a great way to prepare for a weave.

And, it make your hair feel oh so good!


wefthairweave said...

Matting is evil! It’s one of the worst things that can happen to hair weft extensions. When your hair becomes impossibly tangled, it is damaging to your hair, your extensions, and your scalp. Knowing how brush your Brazilian hair weaves properly is an essential part of keeping your hair beautiful, long, and healthy.

Frank William said...

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Santa Clause said...

Yeah that's what i was looking for today about hairs. thanks so much but there are also a lot of other treatments with the help of that you can make your hairs long and strong and shinny. Here are some hair loss tips and tricks for your hairs to regrowth. You should eat white sesame seeds, drink at least eight glasses of water, you should avoid excessive alcohol usage, wash and clean your hairs from any gel before you go to sleep, consult to a medical professional about your hairs, Natural supplements, nutrition’s, get more vitamin B, Don’t do over style to your hairs, and eat some spicy foods to help improve your circulation and avoid your hair loss.