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Hair color is a very important consideration in choosing weave in hair. Often times, we don’t REALLY know what our hair color is. That is, when we are outside, our hair color may look much lighter than it is when we are indoors, or at night, or after we have just washed our hair.

Additionally, new growth can cause us some problems when choosing a good match to our weave in hair, particularly if our hair is colored/processed. It is for this reason that I generally recommend cutting a small patch of your own hair to take with you to the beauty supply store. This way, you will not need to hold the weaving hair next to your own and look in the mirror in an attempt to determine the best match. That is a very faulty way to try to make a good match to your own hair.

Using the patch method I spoke of earlier, you can make a more objective comparison between your hair and the weave in hair. If while you are at the beauty supply store, you get to weave in hair sample that are very close to one another, and you are torn between which one to buy, you might ask if you may take both of them out into the sunlight to make a better comparison. I, personally, prefer purchasing both packs of hair if they are a very close match.


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